Important Notice

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With profound sadness, we share the news of Marshall Hoffman's passing, the heart and soul of Security Mail Service. After a courageous battle with illness, his family made the difficult and deeply personal decision to withdraw life support. While this brings an end to the immediate uncertainty, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter of grief and processing for his loved ones.

Your understanding and respect for their privacy will be deeply appreciated. You may send well wishes and messages of support to We will share any updates as soon as they become available.

In the meantime, we hold Marshall's family in our thoughts and prayers as they navigate this profound loss. His dedication to Security Mail Service and his passion for serving others will be deeply missed.

Current Mail Distribution

Kevin is currently working to organize and distribute all mail held at the office. I am working on compiling all information, including customer contact information and payment information for each customer. Please email the address above with information, such as name, email address, standard mailing address, phone number, box number, and any additional information that will help in organizing this list. As you may know, Marshall knew the business inside and out, but record keeping was done with his own system. I have been able to track down a lot of information, but any additional information you can provide will greatly help in this effort. Thank you

The family is currently going through the probate process. We do not have a definitive timeline for this but hope the process can be compelted fairly quickly. Please understand, during this process, the family has no access to things such as the business bank account. We do ask to keep requests for mail forwarding to a minimum during this time as the family will have to pay out of pocket for such things until the probate process is completed.

Future Plans for Security Mail Service

We are in discussions with an individual regarding a transition of the business to new ownership upon the completion of the probate process. This is the most likely scenario for the business and results in the best outcome for all parties. We are hopeful to have this process completed within the next couple months and will advise everyone upon completion.

If this transition to new ownership is not able to move forward, then the original plan to shut down the business would remain as outlined in the sections below. We are hopeful, but wish to ensure customers are given the most up to date information as we have it. We are leaving the original information below in the case that the transition cannot go through and also to provide contact information for customers during this time. If a closure is the only course, there is a process we must initiate with the Post Office before customers may change their address. We have already spoken with the Post Office and will notify customers once this is able to be done. Again, this is only if we are unable to complete a transfer of ownership.

We apologize for the reduction of availability during this time. We truly appreciate everyone’s understanding and kindness during this time. We are grateful for your patronage over the years and hope to resolve this in a proper manner.

The Hoffman Family

Availability for Mail Pickup

*** Dates and times may change due to the needs of the family and weather permitting ***

This week, I will attempt to be available in the office to assist with mail pickup on:
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Please note that these are the only times when mail pickup will be available for this week. We will be scheduling additional days for mail pickup next week. This information will be available on Saturday each week.

We do ask if you are unable to make it during these times or have additional information to assist us in arranging pickup scheduling, please revisit this website to keep up to date with latest information. You may also submit inquiries at to make arrangements.